We do not limit ourselves to standard sizes, nor do we restrict ourselves to a range of designs, styles or materials. And because our service is truly bespoke, everything we design is built first in 3D CAD, exactly to the millimetre.

From site survey to final design we ensure pinpoint accuracy, and not only can our clients see exactly what we propose to make through highly accurate visuals they have the ability to make changes and adapt the design before materials are ordered and before anything is actually cut. We then use the models to create detailed construction drawings, ensuring that what the client agrees to is exactly what is made.

To view an example of one of our interactive 3D models please click the image below:

working with you

The imagining of a project is an exciting, and at times daunting task. At Threeform we aim to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible from start to finish.

Every aspect from design to production is controlled in house to enable us total control of both quality and deadline, which in turn ensures a smooth delivery and installation.

We are experts in working with a wide variety of materials across a wide range of processes, and we have access to a comprehensive network of specialist workshops and suppliers when required who are able to compliment our production to the same levels of quality that we demand.

Our creative and highly skilled team will follow through a clear design and manufacture process to ensure that the design is developed to suit your requirements, be on time and on budget.